Organic Canvas individual workshops available for the strangely creative!!

Learn the skills needed for the exciting worlds of prosthetics makeup, special effects make-up, hair styling, fashion and beauty makeup


We take pride in the fact that we offer the most advanced prosthetic and practical effect workshops in South Africa.

Anyone that knows the film industry is well aware of the high expectations required by the employer. In an ever developing extremely fast paced industry it is of the utmost importance that you go out there well equipped with the most advanced skills at your disposal.
We offer a vast range of practical hands on workshops all designed to push your creative limits.

Our goal is to make sure that you are equipped with exactly what you’ll need to succeed. We teach cutting edge techniques with the latest materials in the only way it is meant to be, hands on and messy.

Unlike many other schools we are proud to say that all our lecturers as well as our guest lecturers are all currently in the field and are at the top of their game. This allows for you, the student to receive the latest industry knowledge and not skills that were used over a decade ago.

A word from Chad

I am a firm believer in the sharing of knowledge. I have learned so much over the years in the film and creative industries. More importantly, what not to do. When hosting these intense workshops my main objective is to teach you how to create complex designs in a very short space of time. Without a highly skilled workforce of artists our amazing film industry cannot grow in South Africa. We need to get to a point where it’s not just our beautiful locations that attract film makers but the incredible international skill set we offer as well.
Who are these courses targeted at?
Due to the fact that our workshops are highly practical and extremely hands on it is imperative that applicants have some form of basic artistry and technical mindset although with saying that it does not mean that you need a diploma/degree or a certificate in a particular discipline.

Courses available:

  • Product knowledge via demonstration by industry professionals
  • How to apply trauma and character silicon prosthetics
  • Hygiene and workspace set-up protocols
  • On set etiquette

In this two day intensive workshop students will be taught the tricks of the trade in applying silicone prosthetics with flawless blend lines, alcohol painting techniques and the anatomy of trauma.


  • Product knowledge via demonstration by industry professionals
  • Hygiene and workspace set-up protocols
  • On set etiquette
  • How to create realistic burns, bullet wounds, scars, stab wounds, skin diseases and bruising

In this two day intensive course students will learn how to create realistic trauma effects straight from their kit without the aid of prosthetics.