About Us

Welcome to our little studio, our home away from home and the place where we love to make our magic.

We’re a pretty small, hands on team of highly skilled, all-rounder artists and the only prosthetics studio in SA where the owner (that’s me painting “the nun”) is actively part of the team and gets stuck into each project at every phase.

We like to keep things niche. It’s how we maintain highly personal relationships with all our clients and ensure clear communication and top levels of satisfaction on all projects. It’s why all our clients come back for bigger productions time and again. So, let me show you what we do best and hopefully we get to make some magic together sometime soon.

Another unique aspect of our studio is that we are aligned with iMpumelelo Film Supplies. South Africa’s first BEE verified film supply service.

We work in a wide range of sculpting mediums to create the desired end product.

We specialize in the following areas:
– Prosthetics (trauma, body part replication, gender change, weight change and creature design)
– Props (weapons, armor and sof props)
– Animal replication to exact scale

Materials expertise – platinum & tin cure silicones (eco flex, mold max, platgel, life form), urethane plastics, resin, fibreglass, gelcoats, stone, algenate, elastomer.

Molding expertise – scrape molds, matrix molds, inner core molds, collapsable core molds, cavity molds & squash molds.

The final piece determines what materials are used during the molding process.

Mold sizes range from small to large ie; molding eyeballs to full adult (human & animal) bodies.

We also do exact replica life cast molding for severed heads, limbs and hyper realistic dummies.

With a fully functioning fabrication department we are able to offer welding, armature building, posable dummies and animals as well as, armour and weapon fabrication.

In our painting department we are able to achieve the level of detail required for high definition film making.

This includes:
– Silicone prosthetics
– Hyper realistic dummies
– Animals and creatures
– Armour and weapons
– Furniature

We only work with platinum grade skin safe silicone to create all prosthetic make ups. We specialize in hero and close up prosthetic make ups.

Areas of expertise:
– Trauma prosthetics
– Old age
– Gender change
– Weight change
– Creature/ monster prosthetics

When it comes to costume design the only limitation is the imagination.

We are able to create anything from Sci-Fi space suites and super hero character suites to fat suites, pregnant bellies and high end fantasy costumes.