About us

Facilitators of concept execution for over 20 years

Facilitators of concept execution, specializing in high definition organic props, fabrication, prosthetic & character effects make-ups, complex molding & casting and hyper realistic dummies & creatures.

Industries serviced:

  • Film
  • Television
  • Retail & shop front display
  • Gaming & Cosplay real world fabrication
  • Fine artists concept execution
  • Mold making for food & confectionary industry
  • Interior Design

Studio skill sets:

  • Sculpting:
    With a wide range of materials such as polystyrene and wax we able to sculpt anything from tiny pieces and buildings for scale models for films sets and architectural design to giant real life creatures like whales for museums or monsters for a gaming convention.
  • Mold making & Casting:
    Establishing a fully setup molding studio has allowed us to take any concept to completion in house without the need to outsource, vastly speeding up turnaround time to the final product.
  • Prosthetic & l character effects make-up:
    If you can think it, we can create it, and if you can’t we will help you do that too. We have created mermaids for movies and masks for Snoop Dog. With the advantage of being able to keep everything in-house we are able to maintain and meet client expectations every step of the way.
  • Painting:
    Our paint shop has all the toys, allowing us to reach any level of detail or effect you require on any item or person you may have in mind. Be it the iridescent scales on a mermaids tail or the hair work on a grizzly bear.